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Cybersecurity and ethical hacking are essential fields in today’s digital landscape. If you’re interested in pursuing a course or training in these areas, there are several options available.

Whether you’re an aspiring cybersecurity professional or an IT enthusiast looking to enhance your skill set, our course provides a solid foundation in both theoretical concepts and practical applications. Led by experienced instructors, you’ll explore the latest industry practices, techniques, and tools used in cybersecurity and ethical hacking.

Unlock the world of #cybersecurity and #ethicalhacking with our comprehensive course. Gain the knowledge and skills needed to protect digital systems, combat cyber threats, and become a proficient defender of data. Our expert-led program offers a deep dive into cutting-edge techniques, industry best practices, and hands-on experience. Prepare for industry-recognized certifications and launch your career in this high-demand field. Join us on this transformative journey and safeguard the digital landscape with confidence. Enroll today and become a cybersecurity champion.

managed Threat Intelligence

Our services cut out the guesswork to streamline the path to proactive cyber security.

We combine advanced analytics and data modeling with unrivaled threat intelligence to help detect both known and unknown threats.

Get started today to discover how you can improve your SOC efficiency.

Managed SOC

A white labeled managed security operation center (SOC) services. Threat Monitoring Platform detecting malicious and suspicious activity across three critical attack vectors: Endpoint, Network & Cloud.

Awareness Training

Security Awareness Training to help you manage the IT security problems of social engineering, spear phishing and ransomware attacks.

High Level Training

Our Cyber Security training course for managers outlines unique responsibilities for managers and practical tips that will make your cyber security compliance efforts more effective..

Managed Cybersecurity Services in Africa

As your operations grow, so do your needs for IT security and compliance.

Why to work with Creative Ground Tech as your  Cybersecurity Partner

  • Our managed security services provide high value and peace of mind. 
  • Secure your critical assets while saving money.  
  • Free up resources, so that you can focus on the core of your business.
  • Meet regulatory requirements efficiently.

Finding it difficult to keep up with your cybersecurity needs? Creative Ground Tech’s solutions eliminate the headaches and are designed to scale with your business.

Hands-on Ethical Hacking Training

Our Hands-On Technical Hacking training course is an intensive introductory course that teaches applied hacking methodologies in a hands-on practical orientated approach. Our course is engineered by experienced cyber security specialists with decades of  knowledge to educate students on common cyber security tasks. Our course is delivered by expert hackers to prepare students on adversarial thinking and equip them for tasks conducted in a number of different cyber security roles. 

Our team is dedicated to ensuring that each participant is adequately prepared and capable of performing several applied hacking concepts to real- world problems. We teach the theoretical concepts required for each assessment activity, provide instructor-led demonstrations and then hands-on practical labs to be completed.

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