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The study of Data is now considered integral to sensible, empirically-based decision-making across various sectors of society, including businesses, organisations and even governments. As a result of the ever-increasing demand for Data Scientists, it has become one of the fastest growing disciplines of the 21st century. The study of Data Science enables us to analyse, communicate and re-evaluate raw Data in order to make informed, valuable insights about that information, or to verify or challenge existing models, processes and theories.

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data Science in Kenya

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Collecting, managing and analysing data is essential across many sectors – from finance to politics, and advertising to healthcare. This course will give you the advanced computation and mathematics skills you’ll need to work in the growing field of data science.

Designed in collaboration with industry and drawing on our leading research, our Data Science course will prepare you for a career as a data scientist, data analyst, data engineer, data architect or a business analyst.

This course uniquely addresses the fundamentals of data as well as the technical considerations needed to handle data with increasing scale and complexity.

Benefits of this course

The benefits of this course are many and varied. You will build knowledge of the data science field, learn new techniques, and be part of exciting current industry developments.

By the end of the course you will have specialist skills in data acquisition, information extraction, aggregation and representation, data analysis, knowledge extraction and explanation, which are all in high demand and will help progress your career.

"The best way to learn data science is to do data science.”

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Our Data Science course provides advanced technical and practical skills in the collection, collation, curation and analysis of data. This is an ideal study pathway for graduates with a background in quantitative subjects, or who possess relevant work experience, who want to gain experience in current methods and techniques of data science. You will gain an in-depth understanding of the general principles of the computational and statistical approaches and methods used in data science, as well as their underlying assumptions and limitations. Rooted in our renowned research and development  department, this course enables you to study a wide variety of topics in advanced computing while allowing you to specialize through your choice of modules. You will learn advanced practical techniques and implementation skills for solving complex computational problems. Please note: Meeting the minimum requirements for your application to be considered does not guarantee an offer as applications for this program are very competitive. Click here to see requirements.


Instructor-led courses

You will be taught by industry-leading experts, renowned for their data science work


Apply your skills

Use real-life business examples and immediately apply your learnings to work. You be demand.


100% hands-on courses

Learn the theories, and most importantly, practice what you’ve learned.

Master the powerful tools of data science.

Our data science training courses will help you gain and leverage the data insights you need to advance your career and your business.

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Get started in data science or further your data science career with a range of our data science training courses.

Build up your knowledge step-by-step through a course structure with the right balance of detail and depth. Learn the fundamentals and master the advanced concepts in an ever-developing industry.
Equipped with proper knowledge, confidence in your skills, and a portfolio of projects, you’ll be ready for a data scientist position. We can help with your portfolio and resume for job applications.
Maybe you’re trying to change careers or beef up your resume for a data science role. Either way, you’ll get the whole spiel with our training courses.
Earn a qualification recognizing your professional expertise in Data Science and enhance your skills to reach the next level in your career.
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