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Introduction to Cybersecurity Course – Kenya

This course covers the fundamentals of Cybersecurity. It introduces many different areas of
security such as cryptography, malicious code, authentication and access control, trusted
computer systems, phishing, operating systems, and network security. A combination of interactive
instructor-led learning and integrated technology is used to provide a more effective, productive, and
enhanced learning experience for students.

– Basic knowledge about Computer Networks1.
– Basic knowledge about the Internet
– Must have a personal computer
– Must be ready to do personal research
– Be passionate about technology and be self driven
– Must have ability to do simple Google searches


1. Introduction: What is computer security?
– The vulnerability, threat and control paradigm
2. Authentication, and access control strategies
– Identification Vs Authentication, access policies
3. Cryptography
– Symmetric key cryptography, asymmetric key cryptography
– Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) and digital signatures
4. Programs and programming
– Unintentional programming oversights
5. Operating systems
– Security in operating systems
6. Networks and network security
– Network security attacks.
7. Strategic Defenses
– Security countermeasures, cryptography in network and system security
8. Database security
– Security countermeasures, reliability and integrity
9. Legal issues and ethics
– Protecting programs and data, copyrights, patents, information and the law
10. Emerging Topics
– The Internet of Things (IOT), cyber warfare

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