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It is vital to manage the risk of cyber threats, preventing revenue loss and reputational damage. Secure your organisation with a Cyber Security Audit.

The objective of our cyber security audit and review

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We start by understanding your organization, its operations, its goals and growth aims. We will then review the IT systems, processes and policies you have in place currently to give a base understanding of your risk profile and specific areas to be investigated.

Vulnerability Checks

Using market-leading software we can assess your IT infrastructure, devices and applications for errors, malware and security gaps. As and when gaps are identified we will interrogate further to see exactly the extent that risk they pose to your organization and data. We can also undertake PCI scanning.

Procedural Review

This is a broader exercise that covers processes and internal policies. This will cover the way that data is stored and backed up, as well as who has access to it. It can also be an assessment of existing staff training and procedures, and may even involve an exercise in testing staff’s awareness of protocol and best practice.


Once our assessments are complete, we will produce a report outlining findings across all areas. This will establish the severity of the risks uncovered and outline the recommended improvements that need to be made to systems and processes.

The objective of our cyber security audit and review

The objective of our Audit and Review service is to assist clients by providing independent risk- and compliance-based audit assessments of their compliance with cyber security objectives, policies, standards and processes and other relevant schemes, regulations and standards, such as the NIS Regulations (Network and Information systems Regulations 2018), ISO 27001, Cyber Essentials, 10 Steps to Cyber Security, Cloud Security Principles and the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard).

Let Creative Ground Tech’s team of experienced IT and cyber security consultants conduct a security audit of your network, devices and software, as well as ensure that business IT policies and procedures are in place.


Our IT security audits are tailored to your organization and its needs. The risk profile of a company involved in financial services, for example, will be different to a manufacturer, so we aim to tailor our approach in line both with our understanding of threats, and any specific requirements an organization may have. We will then retest to check that issues are fixed.

Our security audits are undertaken by our experienced cybersecurity consultants.

Organisations should periodically review their IT security. Key triggers may be:

  • Following significant modification to systems or the addition of new software
  • For compliance
  • On review of IT policies
  • For proper general business operation
  • Following a business merger or acquisition


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