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Ethical Hacking In Cybersecurity | Webinar

If you are looking for a career with almost unlimited growth potential, cybersecurity might well be the ideal path for you.

Cybersecurity is a cornerstone in every area of modern business and that is not set to change any time soon. That and a wealth of variety from working with websites to automated vehicles, robotics and technologies that are so cutting edge, you probably have not imagined them yet, make cybersecurity a significant drawcard for young techies looking for a rewarding career.

But with great rewards come great responsibilities.

If you are contemplating a career in this fast-growing, exciting space, you will need to think long and hard about your sense of commitment and your motivation.

You will also need to understand the full scope of skills – outside of the first-class technical set of skills – that you will be expected to bring, whatever the role.

Join us this Saturday May 17th, for an exciting session on “Ethical Hacking in Cyber Security” by Jimm Wayans


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